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What is IFS 

It views multiplicity of mind as our natural state and our “parts” as sub-personalities that may be healed and transformed by bringing the Self into its rightful role as leader of the internal system.

The Self, is our true compassionate and loving nature.

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Camilo Gallardo  IAAP, GAP, UKCP

 Psychotherapist trained as a Jungian analyst and IFS therapist 


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How IFS works

If I take a moment to “go inside,” as I would be invited to do at the beginning of an IFS session, what would I find?

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The psyche is not an indivisible unity but a divisible and more or less divided whole. Although the separate parts are connected with one another, they are relatively independent, so much so that certain parts of the psyche never become associated with the ego at all, or only very rarely.

CW, Volume 8, “The Psychological Foundation of the Belief in Spirits”, par 582


Carl Jung, part 1: Taking inner life seriously

Mark Vernon on achieving the right balance between what Jung called the ego and the Self and how central it is to his theory of personality development:

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Rates for Psychotherapy 


The online method of payment accepted is PayPal.

Transactions must be completed prior to the beginning of each online session.



Articles,  books, and websites on themes related to IFS

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